About us

Horse Campline is a company focused on high competition equestrian sports, with three main strategic pillars:

(i) Olympic ambition: the company aims to participate with athletes from several continents in the next four Olympic games. For Tokyo, within 3 months, Horse Campline (HC) already has two athletes qualified for two different continents, namely João Oliva for Brazil and Rodrigo Torres for Portugal, riding two HC Purebred Lusitano stallions - Escorial and Fogoso respectively. For Paris 2024 the goal is to triple this participation at least, reinforcing Portugal and Brazil and introducing: Middle East through a Jordanian athlete already incorporated in the project, and North America through a Mexican rider under contract.

ii) Focus on the Lusitano horse: knowing the rising impact of the Lusitano horse in international sports, such as its versatility and easy suitability to different riders, and being one of the last closed Thoroughbred breeds in the world, the Lusitano horse is the company's major focus. The goal is to guarantee Olympic participations with mostly Lusitano horses, turning them into great ambassadors of Portugal in this sport.

iii) High performance: the goal of Horse Campline is to bring the professional approach of sports such as soccer and MMA to equestrian sports, starting with Dressage. The physical and mental preparation, the way of hiring, the support of top trainers among many other factors will be the basis of the success of this team, ensuring an innovative and disruptive approach in this sport, leveraging the extensive knowledge of the project management team. 

In conclusion, the Horse Campline is positioned as a company of excellence in equestrian sport of high competition, being planned over the next few years to organize events of great visibility and prestige as International Competitions, Nations Cups, Europeans and World Cup Days.


Horses are special beings, closely linked to human history, the result of a millenary evolution and domesticated at least 6,000 years ago. No other animal has taken us this far, their existence has allowed great conquests, explorations, wars and loves.

This millenary journey deserves respect, reverence and admiration.

Riders know that their connection with horses transcends pure affection or the expectation of a job well done, throughout history many lives have been entrusted and saved by the speed of the race, the jumps, the endurance and the fighting ability of the horses. There is no image of greater freedom, strength or beauty than a thoroughbred riding free in open fields.

No other breed deserves such reverence as the Lusitano, the pride of Portugal, one of the last truly pure breeds of horses, fit for a multitude of tasks, with a unique temperament, extraordinary beauty and unusual intelligence.

We understand its importance, respect its history and believe that these are the foundations that make the Lusitano horse an athlete of excellence.

That is our history. And it is no different from the history of all riders and their animals, they are epic, timeless. We deeply respect this union, ensuring in all our animals, with the utmost care and dedication, the maintenance of the qualities and characteristics that have made the Lusitano a breed admired worldwide. We select the best genetic lineages to produce offspring that will win battles, explore unknown places, create heroes and heroines, will be eternalized in history.

Ours and yours.

Horse Campline, the path to extraordinary!