Spartacus & Jiboia

Escorial, has 3 recommendations given by APSL, he is a recommended 4-star stallion, recommended stallion for the Models and Gaits category and recomended 5 stars Merit Stallion. At the age of 12, he is the youngest horse with the title of 5 stars Merit Stallion, with 282 registered offspring! Escorial will be a stallion that will make history for the Lusitano breed!
He and his offspring have completely dominated all the breeder’s competitions worldwide with numerous champion horses of the breed, multi gold medals also from the Model and Gaits competitions either ridden or by hand. Escorial is a horse that has followed his sporting career, today he is taught at grand prix level, scoring the 70% barrier. He is a horse that already has all the requirements to be considered a Lusitano merit stallion, an exclusive title to very few horses.
Escorial is the line horse that is having the most impact on the breed alongside his predecessors, Hostil and Xaquiro.